Mz Bratt wearing Jen Awad styled by Aaron Walker

Soooo back in February, the London calling crew and myself had the pleasure of meeting all kinds of cool peeps in the fashion scene out there. One of em, being a Mr. Aaron Walker who is a very talented and extremely kind stylist. He dug on my PVC trench coats and I in good faith let him hold on to them for a couple months. Needless to say... Mr. Walker was kind enough to style Mz Bratt in my elctric blue PVC Trench! Thanks Aaron! She looks bad ass!!! Aside from looking amazing, the video sends a strong message about domestic violence and women being demeaned by inescapable circumstances....I am proud to be apart of such a strong message as the Jen Awad brand encourages and embraces strong women. 

Click play below to watch the video: