Blogger Lux Leonard, Jen Awads choice to model for ASOS Market place.

Yesterday, after a few hours of sleep and no energy, I was scheduled to bring some of my most sellable pieces for the ASOS Market place photo shoot. Kelsi of Bloggers 2.0 and Style Smith coordinated the whole thing and if you didn't think that was'nt enough, she shot the damn thing too! So basically the whole deal was to pick one of your favorite bloggers to wear my most popular pieces and shoot it in a street setting for

   Yes folks, designers of the LAFC will have made to order pieces available for y'all very soon. Designers such as Curly-V, Kittenhawk, Victor Wilde and Alana Hale will be involved in all the fun!

   So who did I pick? I picked none other than the loveliest, bubbly, most out-going LUX LEONARD of She did my clothing justice by breathing life in to em! Here is a sneak peak from the shoot yesterday! 

Lux wearing a Fall/Winter favorite! Alana Hale and me killing time at the shoot!