Jen Awad L.A. is pleased  to release a film by Bang Bang Productions starring Maya Singer and Ary Katz. Filmed at the Hollywood Towers, This is a haunting tale of two lovers who are doomed by their affection and deception for one another. Later the lady in distress realizes that she is able to free herself at anyone point from this affair. She soon evolves in to a higher state of being but the memories of her lover are forever trapped in her mind. 

Lyrics and music for the video was written and sung by Jen Awad and produced by Travis Bunn 

 A few stills from the "We are Night Sky"

Photo by Bang Bang Productions, Designs by Jen Awad and Modeled by Maya Singer

Photo by Bang Bang Productions, Designs by Jen Awad and Modeled by Maya Singer

Photo by Bang Bang Productions, Designs by Jen Awad, Modeled by Maya Singer


All designs by Jen Awad

Music by Jen Awad & Travis Bunn  

Filmed, Directed  and edited by Machete Bang Bang 

1st AD  -Erin Granat 

A Bang Bang Production© 2013

Make up by Josiah Cracraft

Hair by Crystal Liz 


This past Saturday, I showcased my Fall/Winter 2013 Collection "We are night Sky". A song title by Dax Riggs that really resonated with me. The show took place at the Siren Studios for Concept during LA FASHION WEEK. It was truly wonderful re-uniting with the Concept family. Mike Vensel, is not only a great designer but a consistent believer that LA Fashion Week will have its day in the sun. 

A big thank you to Aubrey Loots and the rest of the Studio DNA team and the FABULOUS Melanine Mills and her incredible Make up team! 

Photo by Tim Regas


Last Wednesday, I showed my S/S 2013 collection "Down The Rabbit Hole". It was a girlactic voyage in to 60's fembot and the femme fatale! Here's my TOP TEN Favorite looks from the show!!!!!!

Photos Courtesy of Volker Corell 


I threw a kick ass celebration for my lifestyle video! If ya havent seen the video... click here

I was so grateful to have so many wonderful friends there to celebrate the release of my lifestyle video filmed by Machete Bang Bang and edited by Ben Caro. 

I threw the party at the Mmhmm Lounge at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood which was ideal. 

For Hollywood Style Scene Article click here

Also, for all LA WEEKLY photos of Jen Awad lifestyle Vid Party

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Big thanks to Lina Lecaro for having me on her radio show and for the continuous support! (every friday from 6-8 on moheak radio)

Here are some from the party below! 

Vicious Bunny live performance at the Standard Hollywood photographed by Lina Lecaro

Nicky Bricks photographed by Lina Lecaro

Roxy Ferrari photographed by Lina Lecaro.

A huge thank you to Vicious Bunny for performing a KILLER set at my party! 

Stylist Cradelle White, Jen Awad and Stylist Martel

Jen Awad and Singer Chrystina Sayers

Jewelry designer Ariel Rose photo by Lina Lecaro

Designer Curly V & Designer Elaine Allen photo by Lina Lecaro

Designer Victor Wilde of Bohemian Society

Mynxii White and Jen Awad


This past March, Running in Heels featured Jen Awad in their blog Running in Heels: LA Fashion Week Promotes Healthy Looking Models. "I noticed Jen Awad also featured several models...who are clearly not a size 0 and that's OK!" Jen does not support girls who make themselves look ultra-thin but who are healthy and fit. To look healthy and be healthy with some meat on your bones is beautiful and real women can feel good about themselves wearing Jen Awad. "LA may not be the fashion capital of the world but at least most designers are willing to showcase garments that "real" women can wear."

     Click on the blog title above or   here   to see the full article from   Running in Heels  . Both quotes come from the Running in Heels article. 


Click on the blog title above or here to see the full article from Running in Heels. Both quotes come from the Running in Heels article. 

Syron Rocks Jen Awad Electric Pink PVC Trench Coat


Syron is an up and coming singer/songwriter from London influenced by the Weeknd, SBTRKT, Mary Jane Coles and Julio Bashmore. Her single "Breaking" will be released some time in May and she is also featured on Rudimental's single "Spoons." Syron was styled by Aaron Francis Walker, stylist for i-D magazine, in our featured Electric Pink PVC Trench Coat and Nike apparel. 


Brenna Whitaker wears Jen Awad for Sunday Jazz Nights at the W Hollywood

If you didn't know already, Brenna Whitaker is that amazing singer who performs every Sunday at The W for Jazz Night. In fact, she is the creator of Jazz Night. Brenna has not only managed to blow people away with her beauty, stage presence and incredible vocals but she has also managed to provide the citizens of L.A. with a second option of night life for the peeps who do not wish to fist pump to shit music in a shit club.

I have had the pleasure of dressing Brenna for two consecutive weeks now for Jazz night. This past Sunday, not only did she wear one outfit but she wore two! Even though I provided wardrobe Brenna was styled by the very lovely Stylist Alexandra Estin. I especially love the Kabuki Two Piece outfit she wore for the second set. 

Photos by David Walden:

For more on Brenna, be a fan here:

For more on Alexandra Estin (Stylist), click here:

You can check Brenna out every Sunday night at the W Hotel in Hollywood! Dress to kill or don't come. 


Brenna wears Jen Awad Antoinette Cocktail Dress in Hot Pink.

Brenna wears Jen Awad Kabuki Swoosh Jacket and Mini Skirt.

Brenna wears Jen Awad XX Classic Jacket and Muti-Zip Hot Pants.

Here are some amazing photos of Brenna performing in my Black Babydoll dress F/W 2012.

Jen Awad on Brenna Whitaker Sundays at the W.

Last Sunday night at the W hotel in Hollywood California Brenna Whitaker wore one of Jen Awad's XX Jackets from her Spring 2012 collection. Brenna and her Little Big Band play live jazz and blues music Sunday nights at the Living Room Lounge where chic attire is preferred. The blonde bombshell is one of the great voices in modern jazz and renowned by her old Hollywood glam. Catch Brenna this Saturday opening up for the Giants vs. Padres game in San Francisco singing alongside Cyndi Lauper and Janelle Monáe. Brenna will be dressed in another piece from her collection at the baseball game and will be fitted by Jen Awad for her vintage jazz performances Sunday nights at the W.

Mz Bratt wearing Jen Awad styled by Aaron Walker

Soooo back in February, the London calling crew and myself had the pleasure of meeting all kinds of cool peeps in the fashion scene out there. One of em, being a Mr. Aaron Walker who is a very talented and extremely kind stylist. He dug on my PVC trench coats and I in good faith let him hold on to them for a couple months. Needless to say... Mr. Walker was kind enough to style Mz Bratt in my elctric blue PVC Trench! Thanks Aaron! She looks bad ass!!! Aside from looking amazing, the video sends a strong message about domestic violence and women being demeaned by inescapable circumstances....I am proud to be apart of such a strong message as the Jen Awad brand encourages and embraces strong women. 

Click play below to watch the video:





Shannen Doherty wearing Jen Awad!

Soooo what feels like a million years ago, my awesome friend/talented stylist Christopher Mannor pulled some pieces from me for a shoot with 90210's O.G. Shannen Doherty for Work Mag. I was totally stoked because we all know she's a bad ass chick and my clothing is for BAD ASS CHICKS! Thats not all though! By some strange coincidence, my good friend Ally (Designer of Kittinhawk jewelry) and I, always seem to be paired together. So those fabulous spiked earrings Shannen is wearing....are by Kittinhawk!

Thanks Chris! You're the best! This collaboration is a sheer example that all of us designers, stylists and everyone else in the fashion circuit must stick together and together we shall do great things.  

Here is a photo below!

For Kittinhawk jewelry, please visit:

A little video I'd like to share with you all...

What seems like ages ago (last week), All of us talented designers of the LAFC got together alongside with some very talented bloggers as we both worked side by side for the ASOS Market place photoshoot. We placed some of your favorite looks off the runway on some of our favorite bloggers! Here is a little video to get a feel of the day we shared! Yaaaaaay!!!!! Thank you Kelsi Smith for shooting this! You little genius you!!!



Los Angeles Fashion Council x Two Point Oh! LA for Le Shoppe with ASOS Marketplace from Kelsi Smith on Vimeo.


Blogger Lux Leonard, Jen Awads choice to model for ASOS Market place.

Yesterday, after a few hours of sleep and no energy, I was scheduled to bring some of my most sellable pieces for the ASOS Market place photo shoot. Kelsi of Bloggers 2.0 and Style Smith coordinated the whole thing and if you didn't think that was'nt enough, she shot the damn thing too! So basically the whole deal was to pick one of your favorite bloggers to wear my most popular pieces and shoot it in a street setting for

   Yes folks, designers of the LAFC will have made to order pieces available for y'all very soon. Designers such as Curly-V, Kittenhawk, Victor Wilde and Alana Hale will be involved in all the fun!

   So who did I pick? I picked none other than the loveliest, bubbly, most out-going LUX LEONARD of She did my clothing justice by breathing life in to em! Here is a sneak peak from the shoot yesterday! 

Lux wearing a Fall/Winter favorite! Alana Hale and me killing time at the shoot!



There comes a time in a young designers life....just kidding.

Last month I went to London to introduce my f/w 2012 collection in hopes of expanding my ummm "brand awareness". 

Anyway, I was not alone, in fact if it wasnt for Kelsi Smith's mastermind idea of forming the Los Angeles Fashion Council and bringing L.A.'s finest designers to showcase our collections in London, we would never of fathomed the opportunity. Thank you Kelsi. 


Anyway! Our little journey did not go un-acknowledged! Thanks to British Vogue, I can now say we made a dent! 


Not the cutest picture and not the most sincere quote but I definitely meant the second sentence.