Jen Awad, a Los Angeles native from Peruvian and Egyptian descent, emerges in the fashion world with a new flavor of eclectic pieces, hoping to enter the fashion scene with exotic designs to denote her heritage. With a diverse background which she attributes to a melting-pot of cultural diversions, Awad adapted her experiences from around the world and Los Angeles, reflecting a multi-cultural interpretation in her designs.

With an early passion for design, Awad attended FIDM upon graduating from high school in 2005, earning an Associates Degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in June of 2008.

Fashion design was a natural progression and something Awad pursued from an early age. Always sketching new collections for every season, she never questioned that designing was in her cards. A flair for clashing embellishments, beading and embroidery with mod tattoos, collage art and anything that clutters a silhouette would become her niche. Classic glamour and edgy elegance collide to make perfect sense from a distance.

A self-taught painter, artist and musician, she always knew something in the field of creative arts would be her career path. An accomplished musician in piano, guitar, bass, singing and songwriting, Awad still finds the time to play in a rock band when not designing. With roots in vintage jazz, flamenco, blues, rock and soul, music became a strong influence on her collections and a further extension of her creative expression.

Ironically, her seemingly edgy style concentrates on classic elegance in evening wear. With an aim to bring back the retro-glamour of Hollywood nightlife, Awad creates graceful gowns with passionate attention to detail and fit. Her unique pieces each tell a story, bringing an element of theatrics to every evolving collection.